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If you find someone new
and she likes her coffee the same way I do
will my face flash in your mind every morning
while you stand in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to brew

And if she laughs the same way I do,
You know, the kind of laugh that’s really loud
but soon turns into no sound because the lack of oxygen
Will you hear it, and maybe for a second
think I’m there before you turn to face her
and realize I’m only a distant memory

Maybe when she sleeping,
and you’re up late thinking about us
She’ll murmur the words ‘I love you’ in her sleep
And It’ll remind you of the way
I never shut up while I was dreaming
Or that I never said those words to you,
and It’ll rip your heart into two
Knowing that not even in my sleep
I could muster the courage to say the three words
that were always on my mind

If you find someone new
I hope she knows how lucky she is
And I hope she tells you every day just how amazing you are
Because you were the best person I’ve ever known
And I should have told you that more

If you find someone: Carol Shlyakhova(strong-but-breakable)